Katherine began her career in Minneapolis as an illustrator and moved to Oregon in 2002 where she also began to write and illustrate stories. She met her next door neighbor -who happened to have the same last name- on her first day in her new house. He climbed a tree and picked her cherries-in a heat wave. She felt this was mate worthy, and she baked him a pie. Their love was sealed in that crust and a year later they married. And then...a barn spoke to her as she was driving in the country and they were transported to Apifera, a farm that became her haven for the next 13 years. Along with a small flock of sheep,  Katherine began adopting old, crippled goats, abused donkeys, old geese and wandering roosters needing safety, blind earless ponies, pigs and cats. She called the adopted animals her "Misfits" and shares their healing qualities through story, art or farm workshops. Her blog of eleven+ years was named a Blog of Note. She has also written for Huffington Post, Life with Dogs, Modern Farmer, Wild Hope, Somerset Life and more.

In 2016, change was in the air, and her heart. After a string of coincidences and much conversation, Katherine and her husband took a leap of faith, and relocated Apifera to mid coast Maine, without even visiting. A six day journey from Oregon to Maine, sleeping in barns along the way, had the Misfits landing safely to their new Maine farm.

Katherine's paintings have been described as elegantly naive, with a hint of Rumi meeting Chagall, and are showcased on Sundance. She also is an avid photographer, and creates one-of-a-kind creatures from felt and natural fibers.

Her recent books combine art and photographs and share the stories of love, loss, grief and acceptance. Her first book in 2010, "Creative Illustration Workshop" {Quarry Books} explored ways to bring out the essence in illustration and story and was ranked third by Amazon Editors in the 2010 Photo/Art Books.

Katherine welcomes inquiries for your next illustration projects, books and possible painting exhibits. 

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Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm - artist, writer, mother to old donkeys and goats, and shepherdess

"Itty Bitty & Big Etta" {A Tale of Acceptance} {Apifera Press 2017} illustrated little gem starring a little kitten who was her ownself

"Misfits of Love" {Healing Conversations in the Barnyard {Apifera Press 2013} combines her art and photography, and is memoir of both woman and animal.

"Donkey Dream" {A Love Story of Pie & Farm"}  {Apifera Press, 2014} an illustrated memoir of magical proportions-suffering a broken heart, the author moves to Oregon, meets her next door neighbor, a pie is shared...and then an old barn speaks.

Her first book,
"Creative Illustration Workshop" {Quarry Press} 2010 was named 3rd in The Amazon Editors 2010 Art Books.